I design for the web, I play with sound, and I advocate creativity wherever possible. I'm currently for freelance.


By day, I'm primarily a web designer. Much of my commercial work is done with a Newfoundland-based design studio called Perfect Day.


I'm also a big ol' audiophile and I create royalty free music for filmmakers, podcasters & other creatives - check it out my online music store.


While I'm not busy with my day job & my audio business, I host a small artistic residency called The Workshop here on the south shore of Nova Scotia. We invite creatives who need space to use The Workshop as a residency to complete an artistic project.

Recent Projects

Sleep Music Against Abuse

On of my podcast clients and I are currently running a fundraiser to help people heal from abusive relationships. Money raised will be donated to a local Women's Centre

The Music Supply

I've recently launched a new online store selling royalty-free music to creators.

Contact Me

Please, reach out if you're looking for a freelance creative or would like to be a part of anything I'm up to.