Chris Postill

My name is Christopher. I’m a freelance interactive designer based in Nova Scotia. I value clever ideas and usable design.

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WordPress development
PHP programming
Data Architecture
Very Proficient

I do most of my work with a tool called WordPress. It allows me to build websites that my clients can very easily update themselves. This is where I really specialize.

I also do a lot of work programming web apps, designing print graphics and sometimes even working on a little sound design. My focus in my work is always to create clean, usable design that serves its content.

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I’ve been at this for over a decade, it ain’t my first rodeo. 10 years of experience has equipped me with the expertise to make our experience collaborating together that much more simple & enjoyable.



I’m a code nerd at heart, constantly digging through code for the right tools to get any job done right. Responsive design, client-friendly content management, etc. all comes down to knowing what works where.



If you want buzz words, I’m not your man. It’s a point of pride to discuss tech specs in terms that make sense to everyone in the room. If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

I am currently available for freelance. If you’d like to work together (or just have a chat) feel free to fill out the ‘Start A Project’ Form or email me directly. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Website design – Responsive design, mobile first, cross-browser compatible
  • WordPress Theme Development – Custom building WordPress front-end templates from the ground up
  • WordPress Advanced Programming – Customization of the WordPress admin and/or custom plugin development
  • WordPress Maintenance – Upgrades / crossgrades / troubleshooting & general WordPress maintenance
  • PHP programming – Custom development of webapps written in PHP
  • Creative Development – Concept development, wireframing, sketch
  • Branding – Identity, logo, brand guidelines
  • Graphic design – Design of print materials
  • User interface design – Application design for web & alternative platforms
  • Consultation – Consultation on web technologies and solution building
  • Administrative Tasks – Domain name & web hosting registration / maintenance